The Photon Torpedbros 13: Big Tonka Truck Rift (s04e17)

After a month we are back! In our latest voyage, we discuss how important it is to get your full eight hours of sleep! And I do not mean getting drunk, stoned and passing out like an asshole. Additionally, we spam the drops like it is going out of style, continue to belabor you with Random Page On Memory Alpha, and discover that there may be someone still alive on the ship! No, the walls are closing in on you…you just need your nap.

The Photon Torpedbros 12: Combat Bogrows (s04e18)

Another one of these things! The Torpedbros finally do something constructive for a change and try to raise awareness of a very serious threat: turning into an electric bio-monster. Are your children showing the signs? We also welcome a certain Enterprise crew member from yester-year to really drive the point home. When you have the kind of fame we do, I hope you do something this noble, instead of just being a jerk!